Are you interested in helping out with chow during our weekend drills? We need your help!

Inst Wes & Brandi Walstrom head our chow team. Our unit offers chow to the cadets during drill weekends.  We feel its best for cadets to have healthy, fresh meals the entire weekend. Both Inst Walstrom’s also have other duties within the unit which don’t allow them to be the “back-up” in case no one signs up to provide meals.  In recent months it’s been a challenge getting parent volunteers for cooking. We have asked that each family signed up for at least one meal per year.   

When taking the lead for a meal, you coordinate the menu, shopping and preparation with any assistants that may have signed up. To sign up please select the available slot that you would like to take over for that drill.  It may seem overwhelming feeding 60 cadets and staff. Instructor Wes and Brandi Walstrom are here to help.  

The Walstrom’s use Sign Up Genius  to help coordinate who is signing up for what. If you like to help please sign up or contact Wes & Brandi for more information.