Teaching League Cadets Adult, Child & Infant CPR

Instructor McClary, a registered nurse, volunteers her time very often during drills. During our May drill she taught League Cadets adult, infant and child CPR. “They actually got their heart saver certification approved for adult, child and infant CPR,” she says.

Our Cadets explore different types of training each month. Instructor McClary says, “The Cadets have expressed an interest in exploring medical training and we thought we would take the time and certify them in CPR so that they could be a responder to help save someone’s life.”

The enthusiastic League Cadets thought of good questions during the training. “All of them were very earnest as far as their efforts and their practice. There was one cadet that was asking if it was appropriate apply the pads on someone’s bare skin, if they were an adult. I assured them, in saving someone’s life, anything would be appropriate,” she says.

Learning to save lives, just part of another drill for Lexington Division and Training Ship Colorado.  Instructor McClary loves sharing her medical knowledge.  “I enjoyed just seeing them be enthusiastic and just practicing the skills and at the end feel confident they could respond in case of emergency,” she says.

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