A New Cadet & Her Inspiration For Joining

During Lexington Division & Training Ship Colorado’s April drill, 15 year old Nikole Poile shadowed the Sea Cadet program. “I liked how the structure was and you could get higher ranks and see what it actually feels like to probably be in the Navy,” she says.

She’s enters the program during May drill with a goal of enlisting in the Navy in 3 years. “I want to become a trauma surgeon,” she says. She’s getting experience and following in her grandfather’s footsteps. “He was in the Navy for about 20 years and he worked on aircrafts,” she says. “I just thought it would make him happy to see this his oldest grandchild was going in the same way as he did.”

Grandpa had a hard time suppressing his elation. “He was trying to hide his excitement but you could see it through his eyes he wanted to jump up and down and start screaming, he was so excited,” she says.

Her mother shares in grandpa’s enthusiasm. “She is so excited, like when we were in the car here she started crying and she was like ‘oh, I love what you’re doing,’” she says.

Welcome Nikole, now Cadet Poile, one of the newest members of Lexington Division & Training Ship Colorado. Perhaps she’ll inspire others to join and follow in her footsteps.


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