Tell a Veteran Happy Holidays and Share Some Stories

Tell a Veteran Happy Holidays and share some stories.


This veteran’s smile says all you need to know.  During our December drill Leaguer and Cadets put together Christmas stockings for Heather Grove Assisted Living center veterans. The veterans liked their gifts.  What really made their day was the time they had speaking and sharing memories.


These moments between young and old provide a mutual appreciation.  Our youth get advice.  Our veterans have another chance to tell a tale.  They get another moment in the spotlight and feel appreciated.7

















Our young men share what they want as they move forward in the Sea Cadet program.  Heather Grove Assisted Living veterans give advice and suggestions for a long and successful military career.


Their happiness spread and becomes our happiness.  Smiling faces, laughter, joy, sharing and peace all make the time worth it.


We hope these images warm your heart.  We also hope it reminds you there are many veterans out there still looking for a moment to share their stories perhaps not recently told.