Preparing for Field Operations at Camp Timberline


Last weekend at our October drill cadets and leaguers participated in trainings preparing them for exercises at Camp Timberline next month. We discussed FIRST AID TRAINING & CRITICAL THINKING last week right here on Additionally, they experienced some basic military procedures.  “They learned a basic fire and maneuver, as well as working as a team, and being able to effectively communicate with each other, LTJG Gilfillan said.”


During this training they also practiced proper restraining and search technique.


“You want to restrain the individual so that they are unable to move or try to attack you while being searched, LTJG Gilfillan said.”


“They will use the searching technique as part of the field operations at Camp Timberline,” he added.


Another preparation activity was the buddy rush drill.

“Buddy Rushes are a basic military maneuver where a pair can move forward to an attack position where one person provides cover while the other person moves forward, LTJG Gilfillan said.”  They’ll use this training next month at Camp Timberline as well during an outdoor scenario.  LTJG Gilfillan’s favorite part of the exercise was watching the cadets work together.  “It’s a fun exercise that the Cadets enjoy.  It’s good to show them some basic techniques than both Ens Younger and myself have used in the past.”

The hardest part of the exercise?  “When it gets loud it is difficult for the cadets to communicate with each other,” LTJG Gilfillan said.”

We are all looking forward to seeing a fun, educational experiences at Camp Timberline next month.