First Aid Training & Critical Thinking


We’re lucky to have a nurse as part of our volunteer team. “I’m teaching first aid training, in preparation for some field ops that we’re doing at Camp Timberline, says Instructor McCleary.”


She’s preparing our cadets for a new element during our November drill.  “You know they get some field operations training at Camp Timberline and one of the things that we’re going to incorporate is how to do some triage medical and do a medevac, she says.”


Instructor McCleary believes they can use this training in case of an accident anytime.   “You know I’m also going to teach them some civilian first aid so that when they are responding to an emergency or even in the back country hiking and things like that they have some training to respond,” she says.


This Boulder county nurse provides hands on training. “So we have a mannequin. We’re going to talk about bleeding.” Administering basic first aid in any situation could save a life. “So I will teach them how to apply pressure and what that means to control bleeding,” she says.  


Instructor McCleary also covered broken bones. “we’re going to talk about head injuries, falls, fall prevention and then stabilizing head and spinal injuries and then we’re also going to talk broken bones and they’re gonna practice splinting arms and legs,” she says.


Everyone who participated enjoyed the training. “I think they’re gonna have a really fun time applying splints to each other were also going to teach them this afternoon maybe some drags and carries and how they get each other out and put each other on the litter safely,” she says.


This training also provides on opportunity to think critically about a situation.  “It will engage their critical thinking as far prioritizing of delegating and keeping everybody safe. Assessing the scene for safety as well, she says.”


We appreciate Instructor McCleary’s devotion to the cadets, the program and her profession.  We’re lucky to have her on our team.