Join Our Ranks and Become a Leader


During the September Drill Lexington Division acquired a new cadet. Cadet Dante crossed over from the Leaguers. SLPO Dante accomplished a lot during her tenure as a Leaguer. She has an amazing portfolio of accomplishments. These triumphs don’t come without hard work and dedication.  Her success should be an inspiration to anyone who has the drive to achieve similar success.  She is leader. “I stay on top of coursework and I pay attention to those above me and even to those who are below me.” she says. “I made sure that I followed advice and listened to their opinions. I made the unit a good as I possibly could make it,” she says. It’s a good quality in a leader to look as those below you for improvement in yourself. 


Another improvement she made was with her social skills. “I started and I was not necessarily quiet but I didn’t care for talking to people much,” she says. “I’ve grown to where I can walk up to someone and start a conversation and hold the conversation.” Those social skills are important in a leadership role. 


 She has some advice for anyone aspiring to lead. “I would tell them to listen to advice given from everybody.  Listen to those below you. Make sure that because they know what you’re doing and they get it from there and you can get their perspective and you can learn from that you can grow to what say they say someone in their squad needs something to happen a certain way or they’re feeling like you’re being too mean all the time or something you can.”  Good advice, Cadet Dante.