I Believe in My Uniform

Cadet Montano wrote this as part a high school class assignment.  We felt it so compelling we wanted to share this with you.

I believe in my uniform. I Believe in the people who have worn it before me. I believe in the people who are wearing it now. I believe in the honor, courage and commitment when I wear it. Everyday, when I wear it I don’t wear it for clothing on my body I wear it with honor. I have earned the right to wear it and will wear it will honor, courage and commitment. I will also wear it with all of the respect I have. 


On June 17, 2015, several Lexington Division Sea Cadets went to Great Lakes in Chicago Illinois to do a U.S Navy Sea Cadet boot camp. Every morning we got up at 0500 and the first task we were asked to do was to make our beds and make sure our uniforms were impeccable. This simple act encouraged me to accomplish more objectives throughout the training. At the end of the day that one task l of making my bed and putting on my uniform, turned into many task completed. If I had miserable day, I would come to a bed that was made.


I believe my uniform. It defines me into taking on challenges in life and by pushing my limits beyond what I thought they were. I believe in learning the core values of my uniform and how it dignifies me as a person in my everyday life and how the uniform represents the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world. I have learned to push my boundaries mentally and physically while in uniform and aboard with the help of teammates.


I believe in my uniform that has changed my mentality on how I see every day life and how I treat others. I believe my life has been changed ever since I first put on a United States Navy Uniform.      –  Cadet Montano